German Country Club

It is an established paradigm that shared time (be it over meals, drinks or on the sporting field) provide the platform for better relationships and friendships. Where this be achieved in the context of total family involvement and also with close friends, the environment would be established for optimal and wholesome rejuvenation in the pastime.
In South Africa, it is recognized that relationships extend far and wide across racial, cultural and belief spectrums. People are forging friendships across these diversities, not eliminating them but respecting and seeking greater understanding.
With these considerations, the German Country Club is a membership-based entity that seeks to provide the related facilities that allow for friendship relationships to develop by shared time and experiences.
The sporting facilities are provided for members to be able to engage in social (and competitive) sporting activities.
“German-ess”: The Club was established and funded by German nationals. The Club seeks to honor its history by continuing the German theme. It does so by retaining the name, serving German speciality foods and drinks, having the support and funding from German Industry, and endeavoring to uphold a German Quality standard.

The Facilities that the Club offers are:

• Restaurant, separate Bar, and outdoor Patios
• Pool & Lapa
• 2 Skittle Lanes (9 Pin bowling)
• 13 hard surfaced Tennis Courts
• 1 Clay Tennis Court
• 1 ‘Indoor Soccer’ Field
  • Court Type: Hard Courts
  • Court Type: Clay Courts

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