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Tennis is a sport for a lifetime. It can be started from the early age of 3 and played well into the age of 80. This is where The at tennis group comes from, our desire to introduce people to the game and make tennis accessible to ANYONE OF ANY AGE who has the desire to learn and progress throughout their playing experience. We are in the beautiful area of Saxonwold, Johannesburg

The at tennis groups programmes are all created with the purpose of people meeting through tennis and allowing people to exercise in a new way through tennis.

We have a number of unique programmes to suit your needs:

Tots At Tennis (Ages 3-5)

Children between the ages of 3-5 learn best through play or active learning. The Tots at Tennis method is based on the following human tendencies... to explore concerntrate, be independent, make decisions, use the creative imagination, extract ideas from experience as well as share with a group and better one's effort. Through tennis they can do all of this whilst having fun learning.

11s And Under (Ages 5-11)

The main goal of the 11's and under programme is to teach the fundamentals of tennis and for all children to fall in love with the game. It is our job to create a task orientated and motivational climate, where each child is optimally challenged and constantly engaged in having fun.

17 And Under (Ages 11-17)

In the 17 and under programme, our players progression is measured on how well they have learned in practise into match and competition situations.

Adults At Tennis (Ages 18 and over)

(We have 3 programmes under our adults at tennis programme)

Beginners At Tennis

The common misconception with beginner tennis players is that only youngsters can be beginners. The goal of Beginners At Tennis is to get people with no playing experience to play tennis as soon as possible and enjoy it whilst receiving all of its associated benefits.

Intermediate At Tennis

Our Intermediate At Tennis Programme is for people that have previously played tennis but have not lost the love or interest for the game

Advanced At Tennis

Our Advanced At Tennis Programme is for players that know how to play and understand the game of tennis

Groups At Tennis (Ages 3 and up)

Groups At Tennis is a more social aspect of tennis that encourages our adult members to enjoy the game of tennis together , these lessons will only begin later on in the year

Workout At Tennis

This programme is for everyone that has playing experience that wants to have both fun and fitness. This programme is not about being a great player it is about working out, lots of activity whilst having fun

Doubles At Tennis

Is for everyone that would like to learn the game with someone they know, this is a team building exercise so bring your friend, family member or loved one.

Social At Tennis

Encourages all our adults to meet, share and play the game of tennis ( you can email us your name and we will put you on a membership list and you will be informed when social tennis begins it is a monthly fee of R150 per month)

Home At Tennis

For people that have tennis courts at home and want a qualified coach to come and coach them (this is available immediately, same rates apply as programmes according to age)

please email or call us if you have any questions or would like to book your lesson

Lets Tenez!

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