Beach Tennis South Africa

Beach Tennis is a game for everyone.
It’s played on a court just like a Beach Volleyball Court 8m x 16m with the net only 1.7m high.
Played with a decompressed tennis ball and the specially designed Beach Tennis Paddles.
It’s a volley game where the ball is not allowed to touch the ground.
Scored exactly like tennis 15 - love, 30 - love etc, with no advantage at deuce, (sudden death)
and only one serve.
Also, you can serve from either side to either side. YOU ALL NEED TO BE READY ALL THE TIME.
You can serve, lob, smash, drop shot, dive or lunge.
It is the hottest beach sport and I encourage everyone to give it a try.
It is predicted to be an Olympic sport within the next couple of years.
  • Court Type: Grass Courts
  • Court Type: Hard Courts
  • Court Type: Clay Courts

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